Receivership Property Management

Reliant Real Estate Services commercial and multi-family divisions specialize in receivership property management services.  We work directly with lending institutions to protect their assets from further loss.

Upon appointment as receiver, Reliant Real Estate Services will inspect the property and immediately correct any health and safety issues.  We then will ensure that the funds collected from the property are used to maintain the value of the property.  In addition, we will:

        • Develop an operating budget
        • Perform an occupancy verification
        • Administer tenant compliance
        • Manage vendor performance
        • Conduct leasing and marketing services
        • Maintain client relations

From the initial management take-over to the sale of receivership assets, Reliant Real Estate Services' goal is to go beyond preserving value - it is to redevelop value for lending institutions.

If you are interested in learning more about Reliant Real Estate Services and how our management services favorably impact receivership assets, please email Aaron Wickesberg, CPM or call (608) 782-4100.

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