Residential Property Management

At Reliant Real Estate Services, our management team specializes in single-family, duplex and multi-family property management.  We provide landlords and real estate investors with limited to full-service property management packages tailored to individual property needs.

We believe that the foundation for a successful residential real estate investment is to have a sound management plan in place.  This highlights why each Reliant Real Estate Services management proposal includes a management plan based on the goals and objectives set forth by the real estate investor.

Reliant Real Estate Services offers the following property management services:

Financial Management

Monthly Financial Reports - Each month you will receive detailed financial reports outlining all of the financial activity at the property. In the report are delinquency tracking and payment updates.

Budgeting - A detailed annual budget is central to successful financial management.  Our management team will review prior year actual expense with current performance to establish a budget that is both fiscally responsible and will properly address outstanding concerns.

Accounts Payable - Our firm maintains a superior A/P system that ensures your vendors are paid in a timely fashion and in conjunction with any applicable contracts.

Accounts Receivable - Our advanced property management software tracks account receivables and provides aged delinquency summaries for review.

Site and Maintenance Management

Custodial Maintenance - Our team will handle the day-to-day cleaning and upkeep to keep the property in meticulous condition. 

Corrective Maintenance - Our team of skilled maintenance technicians will handle ordinary repairs that the building and its equipment require on a day-to-day basis.

Preventive Maintenance - We will devise a program of regular inspection and care to avert problems or at least detect and solve them before major repairs are necessary.

Inspections - Each maintenance program will be implemented with industry benchmarks and will be frequently audited to ensure delivery of goods.  Management will perform frequent site inspections to review progress.

Administrative Management

Lease Management - Our database of lease abstracts to track and identify rental increases, renewal periods, and lease expirations.

Tenant Retention Programs - We will recommend strategies to decrease tenant turnover and maintain per unit profitability.

Tenant Conflict Resolution - Our escalation policies and will inform the Property owner of each compliant and a recommendation on resolution.

Legal and Collection - Our experienced staff will pursue outstanding receivables and assist the Property owner in any legal proceedings.

Communications - Our property management professionals will handle all communication to the tenants.

If you are interested in learning more about Reliant Real Estate Services and how our property management services favorably impact residential properties, please email Aaron Wickesberg, CPM or call (608) 782-4100.

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